An Introduction To Fleshlight

As one of the most popular forms of male sex toys on the market right now, the Fleshlight is helping to shine a torch on the growing market for male targeted adult toys. These compact sex toys can not only be hidden in plain sight due to their plain packaging (when will the female vibrator catch on), but also come in all shapes, sizes and orifices to suit any one’s taste. Known to heighten an organism during masturbation, a Fleshlight is the pocket pussy you can take anywhere.

What’s in the box?

Fleshlights are known for their solid, non-assuming external casing that acts to disguise this male sex toy. Complete with alternative sleeve options that mimic the sensations and look of anal, vaginal and oral openings, the Fleshlight caters to every preference. The sleeves feature textured sides that increase sensation when you masturbate, whilst the hard case gives you something firm to hold onto, and keeps everything contained for easy clean up. No need for tissues.

Penetration preparation

Whilst it is as simple as uncap and go, if you want to make your Fleshlight feel a little more realistic, removing the sleeve from the casing and soaking it in warm water before a session will give the material a more humanlike feel. Please note, do not microwave or boil the Fleshlight sleeve or case and make sure all water is drained before placing the sleeve back into the case. Set your suction by adjusting the tightness – this is achieved by turning the cap at the bottom of the Fleshlight. To avoid unwanted friction, apply a good amount of water-based lubricant to the inside of the Fleshlight and your Johnson to make sure you can slip in and out with ease.

Helping you harden up

Not only are Fleshlights handy when it comes to making the everyday hand-job more exciting, this sex toy can help you train to last longer in bed, improve rhythm, and give you more intense orgasms. Inside the Fleshlight is hundreds of spherical sensitivity balls that will massage against your penis as you thrust. Whilst the sleeve is quite tight (which may lead to a quick finish for some), if you are looking to work on your release time, loosening things up a little can help you gradually learn to last longer.

The verdick-t

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