Aussie Girls Kicking Ass Abroad

Home grown Aussie porn star Dion De Rossi is tearing up the adult industry across the pond in Berlin. Looking to branch out of the hetero-norm porn videos that were typical to the Australian adult industry at the time, Rossi found the European scene to be more open-minded with greater diversity in bodies, sexualities and artistic alternative porn mediums. With an au natural body – that means full hair, everywhere – Rossi talks VR Sex Toys through the European porn scene and her upcoming VR porn videos.

You’ve had the pleasure of working in Australia and now Germany. What do you think are the main differences in the two country’s porn industries?

One of the main reasons I left Australia is because there is very little queer and alternative porn filmed here. In Europe, the scene is much more heavily focused on showcasing a diverse range of bodies, genders and sexualities. There is also a much bigger focus on blending porn with other performance mediums such as art, music and theatre.

I loved my time in Australia and we have a great scene but there is still a long way to go in terms of diversity and progressive ideas within the industry. I recently started my own queer, trans and body positive porn collective called Sluts4Sluts which will hopefully inspire more people back home to make their own amazing content!

When people think of porn, they often immediately think of the American Porn Industry. What do you see Australia doing to build its own Porn Industry?

Australia has a lot of great content being made at the moment and one of the big things coming out of our industry is Virtual Reality porn. VR creates a completely immersive experience for the viewer, allowing them to place themselves in the scene, like a super high definition version of point of view film.  When I was at the Berlin Porn Film Fest last year, Light Southern were getting some great attention around their VR porn and I think you can expect to see a pretty big boom within that genre soon.

What’s one thing you are sick of hearing about the local porn/sex industry?

Most Australian content is made by producers who have also worked as performers and the industry here is hugely female friendly. It really upsets me to see the accusations of exploitation and sleaze levelled at the Aussie porn industry because in my experience it’s simply not true! 

Why should Aussies “shop local” with their porn as well?

Local porn is amazing because you get to see your own culture, language and scenery represented in film. Aussie porn is also generally a lot higher quality than the mass produced American stuff being pumped out at the moment, so for people who appreciate high production values with their nudity, Aussie is the way to go.

Twitter plays an important role in building your fan base across the world. Where are some of the most surprising places you have found fans from?

I have fans all around the world and love hearing from people in unexpected places. I have a lot of fans in Barcelona, America, the Netherlands and even a few in India. I particularly love hearing from young female fans of my work. Most of the people who openly consume porn are men in their thirties and forties so when I hear from young queers in Europe and Asia who tell me about how much they love the sexuality I portray in my films it makes me really happy.

You get to travel around a lot with your job. Where is the most unexpected place you have travelled for a client?

I spend a lot of time in Barcelona – strangely enough I have a lot of fans there who love meeting me and showing me around their beautiful city and countryside! I also have some fans in Copenhagen and London who I love to spend time with. I really want to spend the winter in Osaka and Nagano so hopefully a generous client will fly me there next year!

You appear on sites such as Aussie Ass, are there many other Aussie porn sites that locals should be supporting?

Aussie Ass is my absolute favourite company to work for because they really care about their performers and allow lots of creative freedom on set. Apart from AA I also love shooting for Girls Out West who produce lots of hot girl on girl content. They have an all-female team who work hard to create a relaxed, sexy and playful atmosphere on set which was great for me when I was new to the industry!

VR Porn is becoming more and more popular. Have you ever performed or looked at performing a VR Scene?

I am performing in some VR porn for the Japanese market which I am super excited about. I grew up in Tokyo and feel very privileged to contribute to the adult industry in a country that holds such a huge place in my heart.

If you performed a VR Scene, would you watch it?

I don’t watch my own scenes unless I’m editing them so no I don’t think so!

If you could perform with any porn star in the world, who would it be and what kind of scene would it be?

I love Roccoco Royale, they are the founder of the Lust Garden in the states, and I absolutely love their style, looks and their politics. Working with them would be a dream come true. Otherwise Maria Riot who is an amazing Argentinian performer with the most beautiful lips. I have just started my own production called Sluts4Sluts with Rooster and Disco Tits (two amazing performer/producers) and so hopefully I’ll get the opportunity to work with heaps of amazing talented performers over the next year or so.

Do you own any sex toys? What’s your favourite toy to use on your own and with a partner?

I love pain so my favourite sex toys are very much geared to that! Floggers, whips, belts and crops are all regularly used in my personal sex life. I’m also a big fan of wet play and sploshing so my latex paddling pool gets a lot of use too!

Why do you think sex toys for women are so widely accepted, yet male sex toys are not?

Unfortunately, society is still incredible misogynistic and patriarchal – especially when it comes to understanding women’s sexuality. The reason women’s sex toys are so accepted is because we are generally seen as needing additional support to experience sexual satisfaction whereas men are seen as the complete package. Men who use sex toys are seen as somehow lacking in ability and failing in their role as men to be able to experience and provide complete sexual satisfaction without sex aids.

Basically, patriarchy is fucked and hurts us all no matter what our gender!

Final question. Who are your top 3 Aussie porn stars right now?

I think Monte Cooper is amazing, super talented, ambitious and an absolute business woman – definitely one to watch! Otherwise Bronte Somerfield, Blake May Wilde and Laney Day are all pretty cool and make really sexy stuff!

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