VRotica Replaces The Normal Head-Job


Up until recently, VR headsets have relied on the addition of an iPhone or Android device in order to stream your VR porn video. Are you tired of worrying about getting yourself into a sticky situation when you remove your device? There’s nothing worse than going from receiving a virtual blow job from Jessa Rhodes […]

Five sex trends to try

While some people believe sex to be purely for procreation, the more modern minxes out there know, sex is for pleasure. Whether it’s up, down, frontwards, backwards or sideways; the ways two (or more) bodies can fit together are endless. Sex trends are ever evolving, with people finding new ways to pleasure themselves and others […]

Beneath the sheets with a Perth Escort

Name: Victoria Christiano Twitter: @Foxxy_Victoria Website: https://scarletblue.com.au/escort/victoria-christiano —————— An escort is a type of sex worker who engages in activities outside of just sex, including accompanying their clients to social events. Ever wanted to get to know an escort? Victoria Christiano is a busty blonde working in Perth, Australia. She explained some tricks of the […]

The Future is here: Virtual Reality is the Porn of the Future

Cover image: women_virtual_reality_porn Courtesy of http://wankz.com/ What is Virtual Reality We live in a digital world, with virtual reality gaining momentum worldwide across various industries from gaming to pornography. Everything you could once find on paper can be searched, saved and accessed online. The Porn industry has exploded since the age of the Internet – […]

Guide To Buying Virtual Reality Headsets

Virtual Reality Sex Toys Virtual Reality Headsets

Are you getting ready to immerse yourself in your first virtual reality sex experience? The MOST important factor in a genuine VR sex experience is buying the right Headset. Virtual Reality Headsets come in many shapes and sizes, with prices varying significantly across many different brands. With so many options available, selecting the best virtual […]