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vr sex dolls

There has been a myriad of forms of sex dolls over the years. The sex toys have grown from your average inflatable doll to the more complex and almost lifelike doll forms you can purchase today. With lips you can kiss, breasts you can pinch and a bum you can squeeze (not to mention what you can do between their legs), sex dolls are becoming a favourite amongst virtual reality sex toys. Sometimes referred to as “love dolls”, sex dolls are a masturbation aid men can use to pleasure themselves with.

Why shouldn’t grown men be able to play with dolls too? Sex dolls in themselves are extremely lifelike. Gone are the days where you need to blow up your toy in order to use it; instead you are now able to custom build the sex doll to your own personal preferences and specifications. Yes, you are able to create your very own “dream girl” who never gets too tired, is always in the mood and NEVER complains about the mess you make.

Cum on Barbie let’s go party

The dolls look and feel as close to a real woman as possible. If you want to mix things up from your go-to interactive sex toy, a sex doll can add a much more physical experience to your virtual reality porn. Using either a VR headset or streaming VR porn on your computer/tablet you will be able to watch a 360º immersive porn video. The sex doll will help to increase the realness of the VR porn, letting you touch and feel the body of the doll as you virtually caress the porn star in the video.


Have you got a clear image of what your ideal partner would look like? Sex dolls are available for purchase in a variety of shapes, sizes and skin colours. However, if nothing tickles your pickle browsing through the online selection, you can custom design a sex doll that is guaranteed to get the blood racing straight to your pe… pants.

Virtual Reality Sex Dolls

VR Sex Toys are able to build you your very own “dream girl” when you order a sex doll. You can choose hair colour, breast size and ethnicity to suit your personal sexual fantasy. VR Sex Toys offers a wide range of interactive sex toys and virtual reality porn equipment. to add a little something extra to your VR porn experience. Be it rubbing one out solo or spicing things up with a partner, VR can add fantasy and pleasure to the bedroom. VR porn is continuing to grow with sex dolls becoming increasingly popular with porn users. Visit our website for our full range of virtual reality additions and interactive sex toys.

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