Five sex trends to try

While some people believe sex to be purely for procreation, the more modern minxes out there know, sex is for pleasure. Whether it’s up, down, frontwards, backwards or sideways; the ways two (or more) bodies can fit together are endless. Sex trends are ever evolving, with people finding new ways to pleasure themselves and others discovering a growing number of sex alternatives to the traditional missionary position. Whether it’s adding in an interactive sex toy or experimenting with massage oil, here are five sex trends to try out in the bedroom.


Keep calm and Karma Sutra with the 77

When most people think of the Karma Sutra, it’s usually all about the “69”. While this position does have its merits, the new trend is a further in. The “77” has become increasingly popular, not only because of its intimacy but also because it allows your partner to reach the ever elusive g-spot. Its’ number and name come from the positioning of the couple’s bodies; similar to spooning, the woman will lay with her back against her partner’s front while they insert their penis (or vibrator). Instead of lying parallel, lean your torsos at a forward angle, this will change the direction of the penis or toy once inserted, positioning it to be towards the front vaginal wall where the g-spot is located.


It’s about the journey with Karezza

Ever heard of edging? This trend follows a similar philosophy, but rather than toying with your partner at the brink of orgasm, Karezza draws focus back to the entire sexual experience and the journey to orgasm. This trend is more about a sensual experience by finding pleasure in pleasing your partner, taking your focus back to the intimacy of sex rather than the race to orgasm. Karezza can be even more pleasurable with the addition of sex toys. The sexual experience can begin before either of you enter the bedroom with the help of interactive sex toys. The Kiiroo Couples set allows individuals to enjoy pleasuring their partner without even needing to be on the same continent.


It’s play time, grab a sex toy

Sex toys are something that will never go out of style. With teledildonics continuously expanding and adapting, along with people’s tastes and fantasies, will the technological wonders ever cease? If things are becoming a little monotonous in the boudoir, introducing a sex toy into the mix may just be the plus one you were missing. Sex toys are available in store for those who want to see and touch before they buy, which can be a fun activity to do with a partner. However, for those of you who aren’t comfortable heading into the ultimate playroom, there are online sex toy providers.

Team Tantric and modern massage oils

Tantric exercises help you and your partner become more aware of each other’s’ bodies through synchronised breathing and massage. Because this is a form of foreplay, you will need to ensure you are using an oil appropriate for internal use. Many traditional oils are meant for external use only as they can cause infection or damage to condoms if used incorrectly. Always make sure you read the label and purchase a massage oil meant for tantric use.


Stand and suck

According to sexpert Ian Kerner, PhD., some blow jobs are better than others. In his book He Comes Next, Kerner claims the best way to go down on your partner is while they are standing at full attention – literally. By standing upright, more blood rushes to the area resulting in a stiffer erection and a more powerful orgasm.

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