Introducing the Fleshlight Launch

Fleshlight has always been a very popular sex toy for males but with the Launch, they really have taken masturbation to the next level. Partnering with Kiiroo, Fleshlight have created the Launch – the fully automated male masturbator that strokes your Fleshlight for you at up to 180 strokes per minute. The Launch is compatible with any Fleshlight sleeve and has two modes in manual in interactive.

Manual Mode

Manual mode is fairly straight forward. Simply lock in your favorite Fleshlight, lube it up and your away! From here you can control the speed and stroke length with side controlled buttons allowing you to tailor your experience just the way you want it.

Interactive Mode

The interactive mode is really what the Launch was designed for. By downloading the FeelMe app from either the Android or iTunes store, where the launch is synced to match the on-screen action on a range of interactive videos. Follow the steps below to immerse yourself in a virtual reality porn video:

  1. Download the FeelMe app from either the Android or iTunes store.
  2. Launch the App and from the menu, select ‘Connect a Device’.
  3. Switch the Launch on until the blue light panel flashes.
  4. On your phone, it should find the Launch; select it.
  5. Once connected, it will ask you to ‘add a website’.
  6. Create a free account at FeelMe, and from the menu, select ‘My Devices’.
  7. Using the App, scan the QR code. This now links the Launch to the website.
  8. Select the video you want to watch.
  9. When the video starts playing, the launch will sync with the on-screen action!

See the video below to see how the Launch interactive with selected porn videos:

PornHub is on board

As of July 2017 PornHub have also officially jumped on the bandwagon for interactive porn and have dedicated a new category to interactive porn which will sync with both the Fleshlight Launch and Kiiroo Onyx 2. Each video is custom produced especially for the purpose of interacting with your sex toy and can be found here. PornHub have also promised to take these interactive videos to another level soon when they plan to mix interactive porn with virtual reality porn to create the ultimate VR experience.

The PornHub channel has been created alongside, a company focusing on providing the most immersive sex experiences through producing porn that best interacts with the Fleshlight Launch and other toys.