Apollo Alpha Sleeve 1 Gender Neutral

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Apollo Alpha Sleeve 1 Gender NeutralLooking for a sleekly designed stroking sleeve?The Apollo™ Replacement Sleeve Alpha Sleeve 1 is a soft, tight, and stretchy sleeve that offers the ultimate in gratification.This non-decriptive masturbation sleeve slips smoothly inside the Apollo Alpha Stroker 1 or 2 as a replacement sleeve. Or, you can use it on its own. Either way, you’ll be as safe as you are satiated: this sleeve is made from smooth and soft TPR.This masturbator sleeve features a closed end for superior suction, and it also provides a stimulating textured chamber to create added sensual sensations.Designed for your pleasure and satisfaction in mind, this discreetly designed sleeve is maintenance free. For the ultimate in gratification, this body-safe sleeve will satisfy and stimulate anytime.Measures 7.5 in. by 4 in. Gender neutral color

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