S-Line Jock The Sock Masturbator

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S-Line Jock The Sock MasturbatorThe Jock the Sock is a male masturbator. But not just any masturbator! It has multiple stimulation chambers made from perfectly chosen silicone to give you that real-feel. Most masturbators look the same when you take a closer look to the inside. But not the “Jock the Sock!The shaft gives you a narrow stimulation. This happens over the entire length of your boner. At the end of the shaft your knob will experience the best sensation ever because of the various stimulation structures.Specifications:- Product Width: 68 mm- Product Length: 165 mm- Material: Cyber Skin and ABS- Waterproof: Yes- Phthalate free: Yes Dimensions: 6.89 x 2.95 x 2.95

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