Victoria Sex Doll

$3,990.00 $2,990.00

This doll is a premium 6Ye branded Doll, offering the features below:

  • Highly detailed areola, labia and anus.
  • Life-like skeleton without restriction.
  • Improved quality TPE to look incredibly lifelike.

Doll Specs:
Height 150cm
Weight: 26kg
Bust: 69cm
Under Bust: 53cm
Waist: 52cm
Hips: 76cm
Foot Length: 21cm
Thighs: 42cm
Inner Leg Length: 79cm
Shoulder Width: 32cm
Vaginal Depth: 17cm
Anal Depth: 15cm
Oral Depth: 15cm

What’s included?

  • 2 wigs
  • A set of clothing
  • Choice of fixed or removable vagina
  • A USB heating rod (to warm up the doll)
  • A set of basic cleaning gear

Scroll down to select a range of variables for your doll. If you have any questions, please direct them via email to [email protected]

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