Is Three a Crowd? Sex Dolls in the Bedroom

sex dolls

It’s a question that is discussed by more couples than you think in the bedroom – should we have a threesome? What if you could add in a plus one that doesn’t come with the emotional messes. That’s right – bringing a sex doll into the boudoir can be equally (if not more) satisfying. VR Sex Toys sell and design custom sex dolls to suit your every desire. Whether it’s skin colour, an ample handful on the chest or something to grab onto from behind, adding a sex doll into your sex life can help you achieve your near dream girl with no strings attached.

Custom design a sex doll that checks both of your boxes

If you have fancied having a threesome, but haven’t had the courage to ask your partner or invite the leggy blonde you’ve seen at the bar, a sex doll can be just the solution you’ve been looking for. Not only can you discretely order your extra from an extensive online catalogue, but if you can’t find one that peaks your “interest”, custom orders are available (if long-legged blondes are what you’re into). VR Sex Toys retail state-of-the-art sex dolls that look, and feel, like the real thing. Not your average blow-up sex doll, these sex toys won’t burst if you pump into them a little too hard….

Set the mood with VR Porn

If you are having trouble setting the mood with your partner, streaming a VR porn video can assist in turning you on. With variable looks, ethnicities and body shapes you can find a video that resembles your doll. As the porn star moves, arches and strokes, you can involve your partner and the doll to increase the intensity of the experience. Made with realistic skin-like material, and body parts moulded of real women, sex dolls are made to look and feel like the real thing. They can even come with adjustable parts, so you can upgrade for a larger, plumper pair of cheeks if you’re in the mood for a little more booty action. Play out the fantasy to any extent you like – perhaps you’ve been caught in the act by your partner with the maid – and dress the sex doll in sexy outfits or lingerie to meet all your desires.

Purchase your own sex doll

VR Sex Toys offer a range of premium sex dolls to meet you and your partner’s sexual fantasies. If you have been playing around with the idea of a ménage à trois, a sex doll could be the stepping stone to the threesome you’ve always fantasized about without the pressure of bringing in another person. Can’t find anything you like on our online catalogue? Enquire online as we can custom build a sex doll that matches your unique sexual fantasy. VR Sex Toys retail VR porn interactive sex toys, vibrators and more, so our customers are always satisfied.

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