Under the sheets with BaDoinkVR

VR Sex Toys got the opportunity to chat up BandoinkVR and Cosplay’s Head of Production, Xavi Clos, to get the inside scoop on what lies ahead for the virtual reality innovators. In less than three years, the production team has quadrupled in size, building their brand from VR porn to incorporate Cosplay as well. As one of the first companies to break into virtual reality, Badoink is constantly researching ways to shoot better quality videos and improve their user’s experience to make BadoinkVR appear even more realistic.

It must be exciting working for BaDoinkVR, because you’re right on the edge of technology and get to see it all come together.

Yeah, totally. That’s a big part of it. We buy and research every toy, every new camera that is VR and every new system, then we figure out what we can do with it. We got the Microsoft HoloLens, where you see things like a display on your wall. It’s quite early and not that advanced yet, but it’s promising. We buy all this stuff. BaDoinkVR is a fun place to work because there’s all these opportunities. We have set up the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift, so people can enjoy their features. There’s always someone like, “Hey let’s play. Let’s try this game.” We bought one last week that simulates a Japanese girlfriend experience. It’s 3D so you can interact with the girl. You have to kiss her in order to let her touch more. It’s so fun!

People get a bit funny talking about porn. It’s one of those things that everyone knows about, but no one likes to talk about it.. How have you found working in the tech side of the industry?

You’d be surprised, we lose a lot of candidates once they know that it’s porn. I can understand as you’re not going to be able to show what you’ve been doing in the last year or two.

Do you guys go to a lot of virtual reality mainstream events, or do you just offer porn related products?

Now we are going to more mainstream shows, we have our booth and we show the demo to people. Everyone is like, “Wow. This is insane.” It’s kind of nice to see the first reaction. People who have never tried virtual reality, the first thing that they try is virtual reality porn. We get invited to a lot of virtual reality events, even as a speaker, because we’re one of the companies that has shown more VR content. You think about it, we’re shooting two scenes per week and you talk with any other studio that is shooting VR content, they will tell you, “Yeah we shoot like five or maybe six videos.” We’re shooting two on a weekly basis and we plan to move it to four per week. We know a little bit about how to shoot, and that’s why people are interested. It’s virtual reality meets sex, and it’s a good combo!

How do you think virtual reality or VR has changed porn as a whole?

It’s already changing the way that you enjoy it. There’s much more intimacy. People are willing to have this “girlfriend experience”. In our feedback forum, they ask for more kissing and they love the girl whispering in your ear! They want more teasing and don’t necessarily just want the action. They want to create this intimate moment like you would in private with your partner. In standard porn videos, you’re a spectator. Even if it still reads like you’re watching it from a screen, with virtual reality you are part of the action. That’s the main difference.

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