VRotica Replaces The Normal Head-Job


Up until recently, VR headsets have relied on the addition of an iPhone or Android device in order to stream your VR porn video. Are you tired of worrying about getting yourself into a sticky situation when you remove your device? There’s nothing worse than going from receiving a virtual blow job from Jessa Rhodes to receiving a Facetime from Grandma June. To save you from those emotionally scarring situations, you can now watch VR porn WITHOUT a device. That’s right, VRotica headsets are phone-free, PC-free and more importantly Grandma free (unless you’re into that sort of thing).

Going hands free
The new VRotica headset offers consumers their regular VR porn content with six preloaded videos from VR Porn producers such as BadoinkVR, VRBangers, VixenVR and VRCosplayX. From there you can purchase additional VR videos to your headset, there are currently 150 videos available and growing every week. VRotica removes the need for side-loading videos between devices; all you need do is wear the headset, then at a few touches of a button you can scroll and select your VR video. Whilst the headset is relatively basic in design, it does the job without as many features as pre-existing VR headsets. The headset comes with a headphone jack enabling users with thin walls to enjoy streaming without having to compromise on volume, as well as inbuilt pupil and focus adjustments to ensure superior video quality.

Porn only programming
The VRotica was designed for viewing VR porn – and just porn. In the past, other big name brands have been a little slow in joining the porn technology revolutions, with high-quality VR content made very difficult to use with adult content. This latest VR headset offers an affordable and easily accessible solution to accessing VR porn streaming sites such as BaDoink, who have produced hundreds of high quality VR videos ready for your viewing pleasure. The VR porn company plans to upload over a thousand videos by 2018, with both live streaming and adult-gaming options in the works.

Get your head gear
VR Sex Toys have introduced the revolutionary VRotica headset at the price of $349, you can get it here. VR Sex Toys also offer a wide range of interactive sex toys and virtual reality porn equipment to add a little something extra to your VR porn experience. Stop the sticky swap between phone and headset, with the new VRotica range keeping your VR porn streaming clean and simple. Virtual reality porn videos are able to add a little fantasy to your regular porn for a more immersive and interactive porn experience. For the latest in VR headset technology, visit our website and browse through our full range of virtual reality additions and interactive sex toys.

Industry quotes

“VRotica brings Virtual Reality to mainstream audience. First time I tried the headset, I couldn’t believe how easy it was to use. Watching BaDoinkVR videos with this headset is an absolute no brainer.”
Xavi Clos – Head of Production

“This headset is so easy to use, press play and all your fantasies come true!”
François-Xavier Carrette
Marc Dorcel

“We at VR Bangers think it’s a great idea to gather all VR content partners in one area, VRotica is definitely one place that should be considered for this! People can actually find all VR studios and watch all our videos and other VR videos in one headset. We’re excited to work with VRotica and see the great success of this platform”
Daniel Abramovich


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